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  • Mom on a Mission

    My mission is to live by example for my girls a healthy life. A happy life. An active life. To teach them that excuses are for the birds. To love myself, so that they learn to love themselves. And if I happen to inspire another Momma out there to do the same…even better!
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Dear Stay-at-Home-Momma

Dear Stay-at-Home Mom, What you do is amazing! It’s selfless, and exhausting, and thankless, and only the most rewarding job in the world. Am I right?! Then why, please tell me why, you constantly feel the need to remind the rest of us how hard you have it. And how easy those of us that … Continue reading


A little motherly advice for my darlings. My girlfriends are some of my greatest blessings. And many are some of my oldest (blessings). I cannot stress enough how important and how significant they are in my life…to my life. Most of my girlfriends knew me when I wasn’t “Mommy” or “Wife”, but just Tessa (or … Continue reading

Even when…I love you More

Daughters, Mommy here. Once again proclaiming my love for you. When you are older this kind of stuff will embarrass you, so I am taking advantage of the fact that you cannot yet read and to my knowledge, do not yet know how to surf the net (although it wouldn’t surprise me if you could). … Continue reading

Mommy Fail- Trying to get it Right

I failed. It was bedtime (more than an hour past what is routine). I was stretched thin and being dominated by the tag-team, The Babes, ages 2.5 and 4.5. Just as I would get one in bed, the other would pop out of her room. I would tend to her. “Do not get out of … Continue reading


Aaron and I purchased our house 6.5 years ago. We had been married 7 months. We had two dogs and about that many pieces of furniture. That house became our home. It’s where I began to appreciate how talented my husband is, as I watched him transform that outdated property into something that we would … Continue reading

An Open Letter to Our Graduate

Onward and Upward, Kiddo! Tomorrow is the big day. Your big day. High School Graduation. I remember mine like it was yesterday. Always will. You will too. I was filled with emotion…every emotion. Excitement. Fear. Sadness. All of which have been validated. Graduating high school is life altering. Everything you know, every-one you know, you, … Continue reading

‘Girl Mom’

Never in a million years did I think that my family of four would be anchored by ONE strong man. I was certain that I would have at least two; one big and one much smaller version of the big. But, God saw fit to bless up with girls. And I’ve only recently given up … Continue reading

How The Worst Year Turned Into The Best Life

I grew up in a town of 400 where everyone knew everyone. The teacher’s, many who had also taught our parents, treated us more like nieces and nephews rather than students. Probably because if they weren’t actually our family, they were the family of our best friend or best friends with our family. That’s how … Continue reading

An Addicting Compliment- The Drug of Choice

I just read an interesting article about Artisan Parenting, referring to Momma-ing as a competitive sport. Sounds about right! With Pinterest, and Facebook, and Instagram; social media has added a tremendous amount of pressure to an already demanding the most demanding of jobs. When did we start using these platforms as make-shift Mommy resumes? And … Continue reading

Lessons Learned: Celiac Disease Awareness Month

In honor of Celiac Disease Awareness Month.   It’s been 2.5 months since we received Harper’s diagnosis. WOW! That’s it? It seems like a lifetime ago… Maybe because we have learned so much since then. For instance… Never leave for the grocery store with a low cell-phone battery. And on that note, please stop judging. … Continue reading


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