The Girl Who Made Me A Mommy

Seventeen months ago today, I was sitting in the hospital bed that in the previous eight days had molded itself around my body, preparing myself for the much anticipated, way to early arrival our our tiny baby girl. I did my best to soak in the last few hours that Aaron and I would have with just each other. I prayed for peace of mind, for my doctor, for Harper’s doctors, and for the health of my child that was about to enter the world with underdeveloped lungs and an itty-bitty frame.
At 3:30pm on that day, Jan. 15, 2010, Aaron held my hand and together we walked to the operating room where Harper would celebrate her very first birthday. And at 4:17pm, greeted by the largest two teams of medical professionals I had ever imagined (one team for me and a  pediatric team from the NICU for her) Harper Reese Barnett entered the world like only a classy lady would…butt first! She weighed a mere 4lb9oz and was 18.5inches long.
Aaron and I joined hands and for the following three weeks were buckled into the rollercoaster they call the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Three days passed before we were allowed to hold her. It seemed so unatural to me, but we had to have faith in her doctors. Her little life was in their hands. It was in the hands of God, but in was in their hands as well. And we will forever be greatful to them, because they were successful in their mission to save our baby’s life.


That was seventeen months ago. Seriously?!? Well, Harper is no longer 4lb9oz, but she does still have an itty-bitty frame. She made it onto the charts for the first time at her last doctors appointment. Third percentile! (for her weight that is, she is in the nineteith percentile for her height) And she is no longer fighting for her life, but is so full of life. She is a girly girl if I’ve ever seen one. The kid is obsessed with shoes, and clothes, and jewelry, and bags. I caught her this morning trying to put on Mommy’s “hooker heels”, although we don’t call them hooker heels in front of Baby for obvious reasons.

                                                                   My girl loves her some accessories

                                                                             And some sparkly shoes

                                                           And when Daddy lets her…to dress herself


Harper is also known to be quite a flirt, endlessly waving and winking at passersby. She is also a comedian (the kind that laughs at her own jokes). I know its silly, but I litterally prayed that God would give me a cuddle bug, and guess what…HE DID! She is currently a Mommy’s girl, but I am aware of the imminent transition to Daddy’s girl and it kind of hurts my heart. She is talking more and more everyday. Her vocabulary currently consists of- Momma, Dadda, Lilly, ball, bath, cheeeeeese, milk, bite, puppy, nanna and Nanna, Mamaw, Maggie, Bubba, Bunny, hi, bye-bye, baby, night-night, keys, and for the very first time this morning she said Lucas, which is the name of her best bud at daycare.
She knows that a duck says “quack-quack, that a cow says “moooo”, and that a train says “choochoo” (yes, hand signal and all). She holds her nose to gesture “pee-ew” when I am changing her stinky diapers which I personally think is the most hilarious thing ever. My girl loves her puppies but even more so loves to boss them around. Anytime they make a peep, its “no-no” with that little finger waving in the air (and I promise I have no idea where she learned that). Harper is also very independent these days. Just the other day she grabbed her Daddy’s keys, blew us kisses, said, “bye Dad” and headed for the door and I think it kind of broke her Daddy’s heart.
Harper Reese Barnett is a spitfire. She is silly, and wonderful, and stubborn, and the light of my life. Today I am celebrating the girl who made me a Mommy, because whether I want to believe it or not, that girl is growing up.

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  1. Happy 17 month birthday to Miss Harper! You are too cute for words!

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