Girls Weekend…Whoohoo…I need a nap!

We danced like there was no tomorrow! We laughed until our tummies hurt! And we loved like only Mommy and Baby can!

With Aaron spending four days in Colorado golfing and attending baseball games (all in effort to support our little family), Harper and I enjoyed a girls weekend. And let me tell you, my girl can party like a rockstar! She ran me ragged, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Our weekend extravaganza started early on Friday as I was able to leave work in time to pick Harp up by 1:00pm. After a quick wordrobe change, we were off to the Farmer’s Market. This was a first for me and my girl, but I can assure you, we will be back. The bold colors, the smell of fruit and flowers that overtakes you long before you enter the tent, it was all so wonderful. And it didn’t hurt that every three steps a local farmer was encouraging us to sample “the sweetest” strawberry, mango, pineapple, orange…Harper was dripping in sweet syrupy stickiness, and she was in Heaven.


Harp and her tomato: Like Mother Like Daughter

On Saturday me and my girl met up with a great friend and her most handsome little man at The Children’s Museum at The Museum of Nature and Science. For those of you with small children, who like me are holding your child hostage from the triple digit heat, this place will help to ease your guilt.   The babies (okay, at what point do I stop referring to them as babies and accept the fact that they are kids? Ummmm…not now!) ran wild while us Momma’s ran after them. They had different interests. Dax  really enjoyed “farming” while Harper bounced from activity to activity and then back again. And in the moments when they were equally intrigued in the same exhibit, I enjoyed my time with a very dear friend.

Ginger and her squishy man Dax
These two missed sharing a birthday by two days
Few things please me as much as watching my girl explore the world around her.
Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Daddy’s coming home!
By 9:30am on Sunday morning we had played outside (because 6:30am in the coolest time of the day), gone grocery shopping, had dinner started, and were down for a much needed nap. Yes, when given the opportunity I still abide by the rule that when Baby naps, Mommy naps. And on this Sunday, I desperately needed it. After baking Daddy’s favorite cake- pineapple upside down cake- and painting the sign that we would greet him with at the airport that read “Happy Fathers Day” along with some top secret messages from Harper that I could not decipher, we were off. Off to pick up the Daddy that Harper had been searching for room by room since he had left before 5:00am on Thursday morning. And by 3:00pm with the excited squeal of someone who missed her Daddy something awful, our girl’s weekend ended. My honey was home and life was as it should be. My little family was back together.
Tickle fights. Building forts out of pillows. Sharing lots and lots of kisses.

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