Labor Day Weekend aka Opening Day

Quite exhausting! Quite enjoyable!

Aaron and I loaded up the truck on Friday after work and headed southbound on 35. After 11:00pm we finally reached our destination. Milano, Texas. We had different agendas, but were equally excited. Aaron headed out before 6am to meet friends to go hunting. It was however Opening Weekend! I can’t begin to tell you how many times I had been reminded. Me and my girl were on the road by 9am to visit with friends and family.
First stop- Granny’s shop. My Granny and PawPaw run a resale shop on the outskirts of town and I love to visit them there. I spend my first 15 minutes scavaging. And I have my eye on an old antique mirror that would be perfect in a baby girl’s nursery. But, seeing as though we have another 3 weeks before we find out the sex of our newest bundle, I left empty handed. Harper however made out like a bandit, as she usually does.

Then finally, we got to meet Sweet Jackson Aly.
And Harper is IN LOVE.
And Harper got to play with her BFF- The Adorable Kate Silvey
And to top it off- supper with Aunt Bunny and Mark.

On Sunday morning we visited Cowboy church with Nanna and Pops and Harper got her very first steel guitar lesson.
Sunday evening was topped off with a pot luck supper with the entire Barnett Family in attendance. The cooler weather blew in allowing everyone to gather outside to watch the kids jump on the trampoline, play fetch with Pudge, and toss the football around.
Bright and early Monday morning we were on the road again, visiting Paw and Kim and then stopping by Memaw’s house for a few minutes of way overdue hugs and kisses for my sweet girl, who by this point was so overly exhausted we were forced to end our visit early. After a nap in the truck and one last stop in Groesbeck for lunch with our dear college friend, Steven Bradley, we were headed back north. And at 3:30pm yesterday afternoon, we had finally made it back home. I didn’t do laundry. I didn’t vacuum the floors. I din’t put away dishes. We slowed down. We swam, in nothing but a diaper. We read books. We colored. We tickled. And we kissed the baby inside Mommy’s belly.
Exhausting…yes? Enjoyable…definately!

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