Monday’s Mission: Take a Chill-Pill

It’s Monday. The day for new beginnings and a fresh start. Time to stop obsessing over the cheesecake you ate on Mother’s Day (I had the low-carb flavor made with Splenda from The Cheesecake Factory, and honestly, it was delish!) or the pile of laundry that has yet to be  tended to. 

 I tend to be a little obsessive and a lot competitive and I have learned to use this in my favor. I have learned that if I set a goal, and make others aware of that goal, I am more likely to reach that goal. So I will dedicate my post every Monday to a weekly goal, i.e. mission.

Take a Chill Pill. So, I just may be a little tightly wound. And if you don’t believe me,  ask my husband, who is quite the opposite, making us the perfect match. I like to be early, prepared, organized. I despise clutter and tardiness. Every item in my house has its home. And trust me, I know as soon as I walk in the door if something is out of sorts. The Hubby likes to test me. He will move a picture frame several inches away from its “home” and is always amazed at how I instantly recognize the disorder. It can literally drive me crazy.

Out of fear of subconsciously raising obsessive and compulsive little women, I have made a concious decision to take a chill pill. To relax. To be still. This week I will indulge in a craving. I will watch an entire TV show from beginning to end, without getting off the couch (after the girls are in bed, of course). And I will let The Hubby test me, and pretend I don’t notice. Wish me luck!

What is your Monday’s Mission?

One Response to “Monday’s Mission: Take a Chill-Pill”
  1. chosenuth414 says:

    I just love you Tessa! I think about our “younger days” so often and miss you so much! I can relate to your OCD-ness and I, too, want to make it my mission to chill out a bit! Actually, it’s something I have to re-commit to almost on a daily basis!

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