The Girl Who Made Me A Mommy: 28 months Later…

Mini-Me. Silly. Shy. Hesitant. Smart. BIG SISTER. Sassy. Breath-taking. Cuddly. Active. Innocent. Giggly. Independent. The light in her Daddy’s eye. Perfectly Mine.

Harper turned two in January and I still have a hard time saying it…”I have a TWO year old.” I realized on that day in 2010 that my life had been changed forever. I knew the moment I laid eyes on her that I would die for her. But I had no idea that two years later I would love her more than I did on that first day. How was it possible?!? She makes it possible.
Harper started “school” in October and is really thriving. Smarty-pants! Everyday her Daddy and I are amazed by how much she is learning. Her vocabulary…frightening. My girl loves to sing songs. Her favorite? Bah-Bah Black Sheep. She counts to 15. She knows her ABC’s and some of her colors. And she is quickly becoming the queen of her potty chair. She loves Miss Ebi (her favorite teacher), as well as her Daddy… and her puppies… and her baby sister (most of the time).
Harper as a big sister??? Making progress. She willingly shares kisses…lots of them, some quite aggressive, but is a little more reluctant to share her Mommy. Nothing touches me quite like seeing my babies…sisters…love each other. Harper must be doing something right because no one can get Aniston to light up quite like her in spite of just yesterday wiping a booger on Baby Sissy’s head. Yes, it was intentional. Again…

Big Sister.
Daddy says’s he’s seen this face on someone else a few times…HeHe!

Being a part of this little girls life is simply magical. She makes me proud. She makes me happy. She’s made me a believer in miracles. Thank You! Thank You God for my “Smiley Face.”

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