To Busy. Aren’t we all???

Mom. Wife. Chef. Chauffeur….(if you work outside of the home feel free to insert your job responsibilities here)…

I was told of a study recently that calculated the number of hours moms work and the salaries that they would earn if someone actually paid us monetarily for those hours. The study revealed that stay at home moms work an average of 90 hours a week and subsequently should receive a salary of $112,000.00 per year. SIGN ME UP!! Working moms should add an additional 50 hours to the hours they are putting in at the office (that would bring my total to 90hours per week) and should tack on $60,000.00 to the salary they are currently being paid. I COULD MAKE THAT WORK TOO!! Okay, snap back to reality. No one is going to pay us for Mommying.  We will have to settle on being paid with hugs and kisses from out tinies. And in all honesty, that is worth more than anything monetary.

My point is this: As Moms, we are super-crazy busy. All of us. How does one find the time for a shower much less a workout. The answer: YOU JUST DO! You make it a priority. Thirty minutes a day. And don’t talk yourself in to feeling guilty about it.

Why workout?

  • Increased energy for more play time with your babies
  • Better sleep (you know you need it)
  • Weight-loss
  • More confidence and better self esteem (I think its so important for our babies to see us having confidence in ourselves, so that they learn to be confident in themselves)
  • Makes shopping more fun (sorry hubby)
  • You’ll look better (your welcome hubby)

Here are my top 3 reasons to workout:


I squeeze my workouts in on my lunch break. I am fortunate enough to work in an office building that has a gym and am well aware that this is a rare luxury. However, while home on maternity leave I did not have this access. I used what I had at home and I made it work. I walked, eventually working my way up to a run, for 30 minutes a day. Take advantage of Baby’s naptime. Get up 30 minutes early. C’mon, its 30 minutes! Or take the 30 minutes after the kids are in bed. YOU ARE A PRIORITY. And your family will benefit greatly for it. I promise!

Here is an idea for a quick and effective workout  that you can do anywhere.

Countdown Workout (equipment needed: dumbbells)

5 Minutes

1 minute- reverse lunges

1 minute- squats w/ dumbbells

30 seconds- burpees


4 Minutes

1 minute- jumping jacks

1 minute- high knees


3 Minutes

30 seconds- pushups

30 seconds- overhead dumbbell presses

30 seconds- bent over dumbbell rows


2 Minutes

30 seconds- dumbbell deadlifts

30 seconds- alternating side lunge


1 Minute

1 minute- crunches



 Need Motivation?



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