Women & Weights

Heavy weight, fewer reps??? Lighter weight, more reps??? It’s all so confusing!

Until very recently, I refused to curl anything over 8lbs. Women have always been told that lifting heavy weights would add bulk. No offense, but the look I’m after is more Bond Girl rather than James Bond. But after many years and thousands of reps of lifting the feather weights, I realized that I still hadn’t achieved that toned look I was after. Yes, I had mainained. But there was really no noticable improvement. So I recently started researching the topic and was surprised to learn that heavier weights are recommended for women. And it won’t make us look like Mr. America. This is because women do not produce high levels of testosterone, the hormone in men that increases muscle mass. So push yourself. I have, and in just a few short weeks have noticed a great transformation.

Need a little push? Here are even more reasons to lift heavier.

  •  Increase in muscle density. And get this- 1lb of muscle burns 10-20 calories, whereas 1lb of fat burns a measley 5 calories.
  • Increase in physical strength, which is important, if like me, you intend on holding your baby until they graduate high school.
  • Decrease in fat. Fat takes up more space than muscle. Loose fat + gain muscle= loose inches. This is how you get that toned look.
  • Decreased risk of osteoporosis.
  • Tank tops. Spaghetti straps… It’s summertime!

***You have to have muscle in order to tone muscle.

What is recomended?

  • 3 sets of 10-12 reps. You want to choose a weight that is about 60-80% of your max.
  • Maintain your form. You want to choose a weight that would make your last rep difficult without compromising your form. Compromised form could lead to injury.
  • Rest and recovery. Never work out the same body parts for two consecutive days. Allow your muscles time to heal themselves. Weight lifting 2-3 times a week will be sufficient.
  • Fuel your body. Protein! Protein! Protein! Starving yourself is actually very counter-productive, resulting in loss of fat and muscle. And as we’ve discussed, muscle burns calories.

I’m trying something new. I am challenging myself. All in hopes of being a strong, powerful, Mighty Mom. Wanna join me???

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