Monday’s Mission: Best Body By October

Once a year my girlfriends and I attempt to get away for some much needed R&R. Now that we all have jobs and families, and the responsibility that that entails, it is only on rare occasions that our schedules align allowing us some much needed girl time. This year we have decided to really treat ourselves, and embark on a 4 night cruise to Mexico.

Let me tell you something about these friends of mine. They are all younger than me by several years. I am the only one with two children. And they like to rub it in my face:)

With that being said, I have made it my mission to blend in with these young little hotties. My goal is to be in the best physical shape I have ever been in by the time the ship sets sail on October 4th.

4 Responses to “Monday’s Mission: Best Body By October”
  1. Kerry Silvey says:

    Um yeah I’m not that much younger. 🙂 And I know you already look hotter than me girl! I am soooo not bikini ready!! I can’t wait until October….it is long overdue for us to get together. Fun times and crazy memories ahead!!! LOL

  2. kerrysilvey says:

    Um so I’m not that much younger than you. 🙂 I KNOW you are already hotter than me too! I am soo not bikini ready!! I’m so excited to finally be getting together again! So many memories and crazy times ahead!!

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