Playfully Burning Calories

As a working Mom, I savor every minute I have with my girls and strive to make every second count. I make a habit out of laughing with them and do my best to be engaging. Our schedule is hectic and most of the time we are rushed, meaning that finding time to get in a workout is not always possible, but we definately make having fun together a priority.

When there isn’t time for the gym…PLAY!

Not only does playing with our kids build their self esteem and encourage an active lifestyle, but there are many benefits for us as well; playing is a stress reliever, lowers blood pressure, and burns calories which promotes weight loss.

How can I playfully burn calories?

  • dancing burns 100cal in 25min
  • hopscotch burns 75 cal in 15min
  • playing catch burns 75cal in 30min
  • hulahooping burns 100cal in 10min
  • flying a kite burns 100cal in 30min
  • riding bikes burns 200cal in 30min

As if you needed any more of a reason to PLAY with your babies. Right?!?

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