My Best Friend’s Name is Aaron

Happy Five Year Anniversary Sweety.

It all started close to 16 years ago…

On a debate trip sophomore year in front of everyone, Aaron asked me to be his girlfriend. Aww! I was humiliated! And giddy. And because I had never had a boyfriend before… scared out of my little mind! What does this even mean? I told my best friend the very next second, “I am not sitting by him on the way home and I am not holding his hand.” Haha! Fifteen years and two sweet babies later- I guess I came around to holding his hand;)

My husband is my best bud. He is the greatest man I have ever know. The most selfless. The most gentle. The most patient. He is a Godly man. He is charismatic. An instant friend to everyone he meets. He is the kind of man that I pray for for our daughters. I tell my sisters, and his, not to settle for anything less. He’s not perfect. He can irritate me like no other. He is loud. And always late. But he is perfect for me.

I have no doubts that God made this man just for me, to quiet my temper and teach me to relax, to pray with when I’m scared, to provide a sense of security I could have never imagined, and to grow old with…and then older than that.

My best friend is my husband and his name is Aaron.

High School Graduation-13 years ago
Our Wedding- 5 years ago
Date Night- 2012
My Blessings
2 Responses to “My Best Friend’s Name is Aaron”
  1. I have a picture on my blog in the About Me section that is so similar to the one of you and your husband at the Texas Rangers game! Do you live in DFW area?

  2. Yes:) Small world. WE LOVE OUR TEXAS RANGERS!!

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