Staying Motivated

Summertime. Ahhh! Time to break out the flip-lops, the sundresses (my fave) or if your really brave, the dun-dun-dun…bikinis. These next few months are when most people actually use the gym memberships that they are paying for year round. Well, these next few months and the first few weeks in January when everyone professes their dedication to fitness via a New Year’s Resolution that they make once a year and rarely keep. We all have good intention, no doubt, but more often than not we get burned out, or bored, or busy…

So how does one stay motivated to stay on the fitness train??? 

Here are a few things that work for me…

 Buddy Up!

Meet my buddy, Ginger.


 Ginger has been my workout buddy for close to three years. She too is a momma, and a Mighty one at that! We encourage each other, and push each other, we share knowledge, and sometimes complaints. Having a buddy to hold you accountable is a great way to stay motivated. And it makes gym time more entertaining. Hey, you can’t beat that.


Buy Something New!

Whether it be a new pair of running shoes or a new sports bra (or both), purchasing new gym attire is a great motivator. The same way a new pair of heels gets me excited for a date night with my honey, my new sassy tank top (the one with the braided back) gets me revved for my next gym session.

I know it seems silly, but even something as simple as a new pink water cup…



 …can make drinking water more exciting. Did you know that drinking H2O can increase your metabolism. So whatever it takes. DRINK UP!


Plan a trip! (this works better is the location is tropical, or at least warm. Ski clothes don’t really have the same motivational effect as a bikini-just sayin’)

I have committed to a swimsuit for 5 days come October when I leave on my annual girls trip- keeps me running, running, running!


Treat Yourself!

You don’t have to be on all the time. Have a cheat day. I for instance, will be treating myself to a chocolate chip cookie from Tiff’s Treat’s come Friday…maybe even two! Just don’t over-indulge. A weekend of “treating” one’s self makes Monday’s workout really SUCK! –This is based on very recent experience.


Find what works for YOU!

Not every workout plan and not every diet works for every-one. There are many, many ways to break a sweat. I happen to be a gym-rat. I love the gym. The weights. Yes, even the treadmill. But it’s not for everyone. The same way yoga or pilates isn’t for me the gym may not be for you. Start walking/running. Try Zumba. Or maybe yoga and pilates are for you. Get out there and try it all. You will not maintain your motivation and therefore you will not be successful if you are not enjoying what you are doing.


Set a goal..and when you reach it set another!

Reaching a goal gives great satisfaction and will most likely make you want to push yourself just a little further… and then a little further than that. Be sure to set goals that are attainable because nothing crushes one’s mojo like failing. I will walk/run 5 miles this week…I will do 50 push-ups this week…I will work out 3 days this week…Remember, challenging, yet attainable.


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