Confession #4

I am scared…

Running a marathon is a bucket-list item of mine. I’ve been thinking about it quite a bit lately. But to be quite honest, I’m afraid of making the commitment…

4 Responses to “Confession #4”
  1. cassandra says:

    Oh go for it….its one of the most amazing feelings ever !!!!!after you cross that laugh & cry all at the same time….just do it…Im doing my second one in Nov in San Antonio Rock & Roll ( the music and crowd are amazing) ..just do it!!!! I have to be honest though once you do one …you will keep coming back to get a faster time:)

  2. Do you mind sharing your training program?

  3. Katie says:

    My big race that I mentioned? The NYC Marathon on November 4. I was picked to run on a charity team for the amazing hospital where I work. My confession? I paid my non-refundable deposit on Friday and almost threw up as I walked out of the office. Now? It’s game on.

    Training officially starts the first week in July and I know for a fact there’s a marathon in San Antonio in November– cross-country training buddies ;). You can SO do this!

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