Monday’s Mission: A Series of Updates on Successes & Failures

What is the point in publicly announcing your personal goals if you never plan on being held accountable? That is after all why I started ‘Monday’s Mission’. To make others aware of my aspirations, be they big or small, so that someone might check in to make sure that I am following through. So today, rather than announcing a new mission, I have decided to provide an update on those from the past few weeks.

Take A Chill Pill: This one has quite honestly been my most difficult mission. I think it’s in my wiring somewhere to constantly feel the pressure of the pursuit of perfection. If I could just find that dang on/off switch…I have taken small steps; I did indeed indulge in a brownie and a glass of wine, and I did watch an entire episode of The Bachelorette (while eating a brownie and enjoying a glass of wine). But I can do better. I am a work in progress for sure.

Best Body By October: Well on the way! I have been very dedicated and my passion for fitness is at its peak. I am comfortably back in my favorite Guess jeans, the ones that I was certain would never again see the light of day and my husband loves my “sexy arms”, his words, not mine. Staying motivated and seeing results!

Speak No Evil: This life-long mission has been somewhat of an eye-opener for me. I am not perfect (this is not a new revelation), but I have more love in my life than ever, more oomph than I have had in years, and I am perfectly and blissfully content. So naturally (unbeknownst to me), the urge to speak ill of others falls by the wayside. Again, not perfect. But I would say that being consumed by all of this fluffy happiness has progressed me leaps and bounds. **please feel free to check back next week. #holdmeaccountable

Make Time For God: Although this mission is very fresh, I already feel that I am better for it. I received my new devotional early last week, ‘The Wonderful Imperfect Life”, highly recommended for overachieving, obsessive-compulsive, people pleasing, perfection seekers like me. See: Take A Chill Pill. This morning was the first since setting the goal that I succumbed to the snooze button…about 10 times. Both girls have colds or allergies or both and neither slept very well last night, which means Mommy and Daddy didn’t sleep very well last night. So I re-befriended Mr. Snooze Button. And at a time when I should be waking up early to ask God to heal my babies and to thank Him that it’s nothing more serious. I know, I know! Again…not perfect. And…work in progress.

Okay, so I do have a mission on this Monday; the cute little biker shorts that my workout buddy, confidante, FRIEND, Ginger looks so amazing in during our workouts. I want to do that! I want to look like Ginger in her cute little tights…one day. How’s that for a mission;)

3 Responses to “Monday’s Mission: A Series of Updates on Successes & Failures”
  1. Ginger says:

    Thanks for the compliment but you already look great in your tights. My mission…looking like you in a tank top. More workouts like today and I might get close…one day!

  2. closetnobody says:

    I think your goals are excellent and I’m glad to see you’re sticking with them. Best of luck!!!

  3. Mikalyn says:

    I’m so proud of you:-)!!!! Keep it up! You are such a great person and mom!

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