Sun. Water. Babies.

This past weekend we met up with family for our annual Barnett Family Camp-out. Speaking honestly, I was a little reluctant to participate this year, worried about the well being of my tiny-tots. Both who suffer from allergies and one from asthma and both who started with the coughing and congestion late last week. I bit the bullet, said numerous prayers, and with a truck that was bursting at its seams we headed to the lake. We’ve made the rounds the past couple of years as far as location is concerned, and Aaron and I were more than happy to be back in Belton, a place that is like home to us. Belton is where we attended college. We have spent hundreds of hours on that water. This is where we were when he asked me to marry him. We love Lake Belton!

To say that it was hot out could be the understatement of my lifetime. It was scorching! But we more than managed. We moved chairs and coolers and fans around for 24 hours following whatever shade was offered. Aaron and I were pleased to be able to share our two lumps of sugar with family that we don’t see near enough of and were grateful that they were sharing their kiddos with us.

Harper was fascinated by the “school bus” aka: The RV. And as it turns out, she is quite the water baby. To be as reluctant as she typically is about things, there was not a breath of hesitation when it came time to jump in to the lake. She loved it! We loved it!

Aniston was the envy of all. She had it made in the shade…literally. She lounged in all of the shadiest spots with a designated fan and umbrella to block the sun. Oh the life of a 4 month old! She was a trooper. Just as pleasant a baby as always. Blessed we are!

It was a whirl-wind trip. There and back in 24 hours, but fun was had by all. And as happy as we were to get away for the day, we were just as happy to be back home. Back to the little sanctuary that we have created for ourselves.



That sanctuary I mentioned…this is what goes on there.

One Response to “Sun. Water. Babies.”
  1. Mikalyn says:

    You look hot!!!! I’m glad the annual Barnett camp out was a success!!!!

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