A Day of Rest…If I Must

This could also be filed under ‘Confession: I Don’t Rest Easily’. Resting actually makes me a little anxious. This is the reason I get very few pedicures (gross-I know) and color my own hair, because it’s a struggle for me to sit for any length of time without getting squirmish and being consumed by thoughts of what I should be doing instead. But according to Misty May-Treanor; Olympic gold medalist, Pro beach volleyball player, and Mom, resting is the key factor in fitness. Rest days allow your body to recover and build new muscle.

So if I must…

And since I must…there couldn’t be a more perfect day.

This sweet girl has had a few restless (no pun intended) nights recently which results in a sleep deprived Momma who is the tinciest bit sore from head to toe, thanks to a few really good sweat sessions this week.


Rest. I’m embracing it the best I can…

Ginger and I rewarded ourselves by skipping the gym today and indulging in this… Gloria’s Tropical Salad with Grilled Shrimp.

Oh My! Heaven.

Rest. Reward yourself. This is when progress is made.


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