What is a Mighty Mom? And What Does Exercise Have to do With It?

Mighty Mom; strong mentally, physically, emotionally. present. nurturing. faithful. dependable. selfless. forgiving. patient. creative. organized.

Being a Mom is who I am. It’s the one word that sums me up. ‘Tell me about yourself.’ “I’m a MOM.” God’s intentions were always that I be Mommy to Harper and Aniston Barnett and I thank Him for that!

But being a Mom is exhausting. It requires a strength that is unparalleled. You are required to move when your body doesn’t think it can (i.e. nighttime feedings). Even at 25, 35, or 45, it is expected of you to sustain the energy level of a toddler, and mental clarity is crucial. We must be able to react quickly and think on our feet.

It’s unrealistic to think that as a Mom I could be perfect at any of these things. But my girls deserve that I at least try. They deserve a Mom that can chase them and then wrestle them to the floor and tickle them until they squeal, or read them a book or four after putting in 9 hours at the office. They deserve a Mom that can pick them up and rock them even as they grow in to toddlers. A Mom that is happy, and laughs without being winded. And because I need them way more than they need me, and because they have blessed me more than I can ever bless them, I have made it a priority to be my best (not to be mistaken for the best) because it is what they deserve.

Exercise helps me to be my best. Forty minutes a day, 5 days a week results in a better me. Exercise makes me look better, therefore I feel better. It makes me more confident, something I hope to project on my little ladies. After an intense sweat session I am calmer, more clear minded, and re-energized. Ready for a game of hide-and-seek or a run through the sprinkler.

Exercise helps me to be the Mom that my babies deserve. And the wife that my husband deserves for that matter.

So Exercise, I am eternally grateful. See you in a few!

2 Responses to “What is a Mighty Mom? And What Does Exercise Have to do With It?”
  1. Mikalyn Carter says:

    Awesome post! Preach on Tessa!!!!!!!!

  2. iamnaia says:

    I love the post. It sums things nicely. I think we all do our best – and, with God’s grace, we fail at times but our efforts are rewarded. Not our success or failures.

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