Babies’ First Fireworks

The Fourth of July.

Squeals and Shrieks and Yummy Treats!

For the third consecutive year we celebrated July Fourth with our Friends Who Are More Like Family, The Newton’s. Emily (referred to as ‘My Emme’ by Harper) is just two weeks younger than Harper. These two bring out something special in each other…Hysteria! Hence the squeals and shrieks. And come November, Kim will be giving birth to Aniston’s bestie (name undetermined..although I have my favorite). Next year we will be celebrating with FOUR GIRLS ages three and under. Should be fun…or funny!

We ate. And ate again. The girls swam. And played. And we all laughed and then we ate again… I have a seriously tumultuous relationship with key lime pie. We love. We hate. We love…Seriously. I loved that pie twice yesterday. Confession? You bet!

We threw caution to the wind, all in hopes that 12 years from now when the girls’ remind us how lame we are, we can remind them that we are the cool parents that allowed them to stay up past 8pm when they were two so that they could watch their very first firework show. It’s all about leverage, and you’ve got to start early.

It was a long day and fun was had by all! And this is how it ended…

Harper: “Mommy, is it nite-nite time?

Me: “Yes Baby. It’s nite-nite time.”

Harper: (with a beaming smile across her face) “HA-PAH.” *referencing the the new ‘hopper’ commercial*

Complete delirium. Then she curled up in her bed and fell asleep with that same beaming smile across her pretty little face.


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