Child’s Play: A Jump Rope

Babies are unpredictable. Especially at nap time on Saturday’s when I attempt to sneak away for an hour for my much needed date with Cardio. It never fails, 1/2 mile into my run the baby wakes and there I am jumping off the treadmill, running to reinsert her binky, then running back to the treadmill, fingers crossed that I can get in at least another minute before repeating the process again. Most days I have my husband on baby duty for the hour, but this weekend he was in Louisiana on a fishing trip…for work. He’s got it rough.

On Saturday, knowing that the minute my big toe touched the treadmill my Tiny would decide that taking a nap maybe wasn’t a great idea after all, I decided to try a new approach. I had been excited to break out my new jump rope from the minute I purchased it earlier that morning. So with both girls asleep I laced up my running shoes, pushed the furniture out of the way, and giddily unwound my new toy. I set the Interval Timer Pro App on my phone to reflect one minute of work and 15 seconds of rest and proceeded to complete 15 ‘sets’ of jumping rope. Let me tell you…that kind of jumping rope is not child’s play. I was drenched, and exhausted, and by the last several sets felt like each leg weighed 200lbs. Just like that, 300 calories burned. And to take complete advantage of my sleeping beauties, I continued my sweat session with 3 sets of burpies, bicycle crunches, push-ups, and wall sits, all for a minute each and again with 15 seconds of rest in between.

It wasn’t the 5miler that I have learned to look forward to, but it was quick, and efficient, and effective, and only required a simple $5 jump rope.

No excuses…

2 Responses to “Child’s Play: A Jump Rope”
  1. Mikalyn Carter says:

    You are a rock star! You are a crative little wizard when in comes to customized workouts!!! I LOVE IT!

  2. I have 5 week old boys..and I can completely relate to the treadmill scenario you described. It’s like they know I’m getting ready to work out and wake up exactly when I’m ramping activity up.

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