Women Vs. Women

I just read an article in Shape magazine titled, ‘Pro-Skinny Site Calls Kate Upton Fat, Lardy‘. My first instinct was to call up Skinny Girl’s mother…Then I thought to call Kate Upton to remind her of how beautiful she really is…Then I realized that I don’t have either’s phone numbers…

This story strikes a nerve with me for several reasons, most having to do with the fact that I have two daughters myself. And let me tell you something…

  1. If anyone dared to ever speak of my daughters in this fashion, to make them feel ugly or unworthy, or ashamed of their bodies or themselves, they will have to deal with me. Seeing as though I am non-confrontational and far from violent, I’m not sure what exactly  ‘dealing with me’ means, but I’m most positive that in the moment I would have some profound and appropriate way of dealing with the situation.
  2. If my daughters dared to ever speak of another woman, another human, in such a negative and hateful manner, they too will have to ‘deal with me’.

Everyone has an opinion that they are entitled to, and here is mine. ‘Skinny.” “Fat.” “Lean.” “Curvy.” Doesn’t matter. Healthy. That is what should be the priority. Physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy. And I believe that if a person is currently experiencing this trifecta of health, they honestly want nothing more than everyone around them to share in the experience. So as much as I would like to wash Skinny Girl’s mouth out with soap, I would also like to encourage her, Woman to Woman, to work on her healthy.

Healthy results in Happy. And Happy People yeild Happy People.

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