My Legs Are Champs

Anyone who knows me knows my insecurities with my legs, even if they don’t completely understand it. It probably  stems from the nickname given to me in Jr. High by a still very dear friend…Chicken Legs. As an athlete, I always  dreamt of strong, muscular legs. I wanted it to be obvious. And it seemed until recently that no matter what I did, I would always be ‘Chicken Legs’.

Well, guess what?!? For the first summer in as many that I can remember, I am wearing shorts on a regular basis. That ladies and gentleman is progress. My legs aren’t perfect. And that’s okay. Remember? My goal was strong. And every day in the gym…my legs surprise me. They are strong-er than they have ever been. And my booty is higher…I’m not complaining. Hehe.

My Legs Are Champs!

They experienced almost complete muscle exhaustion during my workout today and still manage to carry the rest of me around.

Today’s Leg Routine : 3 sets of 12 (the last set was more like 8-10 reps) **I told you…muscle exhaustion**

  • squats with 125lbs
  • front loaded single leg reverse lunges with 40lbs
  • leg presses with 120lbs
  • calf raises with 120lbs

All of this followed by a two mile run.

Champs I tell ya!

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