Why Be Fit…A Reminder

Because I’m walking around like a zombie, and am craving sugar like it no longer exists…

My sweet ‘big’ girl has double pneumonia, causing her to wake in fits that on occasion wake my five month old. Needless to say, I am one tired Momma. I generally contribute my high energy level to my attempt at a clean diet and active lifestyle. But this past week has been wearing. My immediate response after receiving the call from Harper’s school last Friday stating that she had fever was, ‘MUST. HAVE. CHOCOLATE!!’ Normal reaction, right?!? And when will this overwhelming desire to consume every carb (the bad kind) I can think up end???

It’s safe to say that sleep deprivation causes complete loss of willpower. I’ve struggled this week with my diet and with my exercise. I’ve had moments of control, and moments of complete weakness. Even though I have continued with my workouts, they have been without passion, mediocre at best. And now I’m confused. Am I struggling with my fitness because I’m exhausted, or am I exhausted because I am struggling with my fitness? Either way, I must get back on track.

Why Be Fit?

  • energy; so that I can keep up with my 2year old
  • to make my husband proud
  • I love clothes and feel better in them when I am fit
  • its swimsuit season
  • to lower my cholesterol
  • to be an example of health for my girls
  • to be strong enough to hold both babies at the same time
  • endorphins make me happy
  • I want to be around to play with my babies’ babies…and their babies too (is that realistic?)
  • I’m 31…fighting gravity is necessary
  • healthier complexion (yes, your diet has lots to do with your complexion)
  • confidence

I’m obviosuly needing some motivation after a very trying week.What are your reasons for staying fit? Inspire me, PLEASE!

3 Responses to “Why Be Fit…A Reminder”
  1. myhouseandme says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog! You have a great one yourself! Love the quote on your header! And this article is great!

  2. My best inspiration to stick with exercise is mental. I know that an alert and creative mind requires plenty of exercise. That time is also my best time, because I’m free of the distractions of email, Facebook, the blog, the kids…. And all that OXYGEN is so exhilarating! 😀

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