Peach Quesadillas & A Date Night

No, that’s not a typo. Really…peach quesadillas.

I was introduced to a blog yesterday called Everyday Belle. I love her creativity when it comes to food. She is truly an artist, and I am the copy-cat. When I saw her extremely unordinary combination of cheese, peaches, and tortillas, my first thought was, ‘Genius! My two year old will love these.’

I had already decided that last night would be a date-night for Aaron and I. Date-nights are harder to come by these days, but just as important, maybe even more-so. We get out without the girls on occasion for ballgames or dinner parties, but for the most part we enjoy date-night from the comfort of our own home. On such nights, I make Harper her own meal seeing as though she typically eats whatever we are having. We wait until both girls are in bed, and then we prepare our meal. Last night it happened to be salmon, steamed corn, fresh slices of tomatoes, and new potatoes. We sit down in silence, in our jammies, separated by a lit candle and a bottle of wine, and we talk…to each other! It’s  wonderful! I love date-nights.

So, since I needed a quick easy meal for Harper, and I had fresh peaches on hand thanks to our generous neighbor, I went for it. And judging by the smile on this little girls face, I would say the peach quesadillas were a hit.



  • 1 ripe peach
  • 2 whole wheat tortillas
  • 1 handful of shredded cheddar cheese


I placed one tortilla onto my preheated quesadilla maker. I topped it with a handful of cheese and then a sliced peach. Then I placed the second tortilla on top, closed my quesadilla maker, and 30 seconds later, supper was ready. I served the quesadilla with plain greek yogurt for dipping.

**I too tried the quesadillas dipped in the yogurt and really enjoyed it. Great appetizer.**

This is what date-night started off as…

And this is how it ended…


Apparently someone was feeling left out. Still perfect!

One Response to “Peach Quesadillas & A Date Night”
  1. Look at that sweet picture!! I miss having a baby!!

    I love the idea of having date night at home. I often complain that we don’t get out enough without the kids but there isn’t a good reason we couldn’t just do it at home!!

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