Sneaky. Sneaky Foods.

Who knew it was so easy to take a seemingly healthy salad and convert it to a meal with more calories than are even recommended in a day? Salad dressing, condiments, yes even some chicken can add extremely high amounts of empty calories. Below is a list of foods to avoid, or at least consume in moderation if being healthy and fit is your ultimate goal.

Sneaky, Sneaky Foods

  • Salad dressing. For instance, a Caesar salad at a restaurant typically contains enough dressing to add 600-800 calories. And you thought you were being healthy! Instead, opt for vinaigrette on the side so that you can control how much dressing you consume.
  • Mayo. Contains 90 calories per serving.
  • Ketchup. Contains 8-10grams of sugar per serving.
  • Lattes. A iced mocha can contain as much as 500 calories.
  • Granola bars. We assume these are healthy snacks, but be careful as most contain upwards of 15grams of sugar.
  • Juices. Fruit juices should never replace water. 100% grape juice contains 36 grams of sugar.
  • Fat-Free yogurt. Fat-free typically means that they have added sugar, Yoplaint 99% fat-free yogurt contains 27grams of sugar. Instead try plain Greek yogurt and add in your own fruit.
  • Vitamin Water. Not water. Not even close. It contains almost the same amount of calories, carbs, and sugars as a serving of coke.

Be careful with what may seem to be a healthy eating choice. Read your labels. Practice moderation. And have a wonderfully fantastic weekend!

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