Eat Clean, Train Dirty, To Play Hard

There are many misconceptions of people who are passionate about fitness and health. The most notable being ‘vanity’. It is sometimes incorrectly assumed that if a woman chooses an active lifestyle that results in a firmer physique, that she must be vain, or conceited, or both. Not true. Not even close to being true. Don’t get me wrong, the resulting firmer physique does boost confidence, and it does make shopping fun, but for most people with a passion for fitness such as myself, there are other driving forces. Most of us love the challenge. We love the fight, the competition. We love the feeling of strong.

I eat clean and train dirty so that I can play hard.

You are what you eat, right? You eat fat, well…You eat lean, you are lean. It’s as simple as that. I consciously choose foods that will fuel my body, foods that will provide me the hours of energy I will need in order to play hard with my babies. And I train for the same reason. I lift weights for strong muscles and I do cardio for a strong heart. Being strong is what allows me to be Harper’s ‘airplane’, or ‘horsey’, or ‘jungle gym’. It’s what allows me to walk for 9 hours straight around Sea World without getting winded. Being strong is a choice. It’s my choice. And I do it so that I can play hard!

2 Responses to “Eat Clean, Train Dirty, To Play Hard”
  1. Sarah C says:

    Once you realize how much it brings to your life, I’d say the motivation behind a healthy lifestyle is a whole lot more about sanity than vanity!

  2. It is a sad truth that those (especially woman) that choose to focus on living a healthy lifestyle are considered vain. Now..I am not talking about a ‘starve yourself’ lifestyle…just to look good..ya, that may be vain. I am agreeing with you on eating right, and working right. I LOVE HOW I FEEL now that living healthy IS my life. Thanks for sharing!

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