I DID IT! Mission Accomplished.





















Just one day after professing my desire to successfully hold a plank for three minutes…I DID IT! (Thanks G for pushing me). I may have been seeing stars the last 15 seconds or so but who cares, because I DID IT!

And before that, I worked my legs until they were jello.

  • 3×8 squats @ 145lbs
  • 3×12 single leg deadlifts @ 30lbs
  • 3×12 leg extentions @ 60lbs
  • 3×20 calf extentions @ 120lbs
  • 10 stair stepper at level 8 for 1 mile

And on a tastier note…you must try Artisana’s 100%  All-Natural Raw Almond Butter. I had it for the first time this morning on a piece of whole grain toast as my pre-workout snack and I cannot wait to have it again.

2 Responses to “I DID IT! Mission Accomplished.”
  1. katiedaisy921 says:

    Awesome!! Way to go!!

  2. shawnajom says:

    A 3 minute plank hold?!?!?!?!?! I’m in awe of you right now!!!! Great work!

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