More Than A Pretty Face

I find it alarming that while searching on-line for activities for young girls in the city I live, on the first link that popped up, the only three recommendations were 1) American Girl Place 2) Mokara Spa 3) Enchanted Princess Parties. Seriously? Am I the only one that sees something wrong with this picture?

Yes, my girls play with babies so that they learn to be gentle and nurturing. And yes I paint my baby’s toes…every.Sunday.night. And yes she is aware that her pull-ups are decorated with the faces of princesses and fairies.  Don’t misunderstand me, I love how amazingly sweet little girls are. How Harper loves to wear my jewelry and high heels and how she studies me as I apply my make-up in the mornings. But I also love that while getting dressed for school this morning she said that she wanted to “workout first.” No, my two year old doesn’t actually workout. But she pays attention. She sees me during my workouts and asks questions. She knows that being healthy and strong is a priority to me. And she truly enjoys participating whenever she can. She finds great amusement when I use her tiny 25lb frame to do squats or overhead presses. Who needs a drill sergeant-like trainer yelling in your face when you have the soft voice of your Baby Girl saying, “Do it again Mommy!” in between her contagious giggles?

My goal in raising two girls is that they will learn to balance grace and femininity with confidence and strength. I hope to one day watch them hammer a volleyball with perfectly manicured hands. And I pray that they undoubtedly know that they can be both ‘Lady’ and ‘Strong’.

Exercise has many benefits for young girls including better school performance, increased self-confidence, and a decreased likelihood for participation in risky behaviors. Not to mention stronger bones, weight management, and better posture. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends 30 minutes of moderate physical activity daily. This could mean walking, biking, swimming…dancing…Whoohoo! It is also recommended that young girls partake in some form of strength training on two non-consecutive days a week.

As a society we tend to treat our girls as though they are fragile…porcelain doll-like. I think its time we start teaching our girls that women can be strong too!

5 Responses to “More Than A Pretty Face”
  1. myhouseandme says:

    Love this!! Yes, we need to teach our girls to grow up strong and healthy.

  2. Heather says:

    Mighty Mom – this was a great post. I did personal training when my oldest two children were 1 and 2 and they learned to do squats and push ups (okay -sorta squats and sorta push ups…) and still love to “pretend’ they are the instructor and tell everyone else what exercises to do. The pretty face concept made me think of a post I wrote on what else our daughters are learning from us…I hope it’s not pushy/weird…but here’s the link if you are interested. 🙂

    • Heather, I too am a Dallas Mom:)
      Your request? Not at all pushy and not at all weird! I loved that post. Almost made me cry becuse I completely relate to your sentiment. I want nothing more than to raise my girls to love themselves. Thank you for such a powerful reminder.

  3. Reading the comments I ALSO am a Dallas mom…sort of. North burbs. And YES, we need to teach our girls to be strong. And confident. My girls are ‘girly’ too…and that is fine..yet WE have to do the research and introduce them to new experiences 🙂 LOVE this.

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