I Blinked…

I blinked, and now I have a 2.5 year old and a 6 month old. What?!?

We are contantly reminded by our mothers, and by thier mothers, and by everyone else’s mother just how quickly our babies grow up. They weren’t lying! I’ve contemplated inserting toothpicks under my eyelids that prevent me from blinking, in fear that if I do, when my eyes re-open, I’ll be sitting on the front pew of some fancy church, tissue in hand, watching Harper say ‘I do’ as Aniston adjusts the train of her lace wedding gown (actually my lace wedding gown. Aaron says that the girls will want their own gowns, and probably so, but mine is there…just in case).

Harper Reese is now 2.5 years old. It is quite remarkable the profound impact this tiny person has had on my life with no effort at all. I am both obsessed and madly in love with everything that she is. She looks just like me and until recently we were thinking that we shared alot of personality traits as well…reserved, shy, hesitant. But lo and behold, the kid has come out of her shell to reveal to us that there is an awful lot of her Daddy in her. She speaks to strangers, ‘Hey!” She jumps onto and off of furniture. She loves the Texas Rangers, “Let’s go Rangers (clap, clap, clap, clap, clap)’ She is a little tumbleweed completely out of control. She is sneaky, creative, observant, and sassy as all get out. Harper loves yellow school buses and pasta. She dances anytime she hears music, but not without first stepping in to her ‘dancing dress’. And she is a talker…”You like my panties Mom? My panties are sooo cute!” At just 2.5, she can walk better in a pair of heels than alot of grown women I know. Harper leads our prayers…”Dear Jesus…” and has a memory that is almost scary. As of today, she still likes my kisses and cuddles, but I am well aware that the day is coming when she will decide she is to big for that, and it hurts my heart. Harper loves her baby sister…”I love you sooo much Sister!” & “Hi there Baby Sweetheart!” Harper is my joy, and my passion, and she is my Baby Sweetheart.

Aniston Paige is 6 months old now and I have never met a sweeter soul. My husband refers to her as “Unbelievable.” And that she is! A friend of ours recently observed that she smiles with her entire face…her eyes even sparkle. And she smiles All.The.Time. Aniston is a dream come true. She is quiet, and content, and peaceful. Harper told her Sunday School teacher last weekend, “My sister doesn’t cry.” And that is a pretty accurate statement. I have a feeling she will be her Daddy’s girl. The way she stares at him accross the room, and then lights up when he speaks to her melts my heart everytime, and his too. She too loves to cuddle, an answered prayer. Aniston is long and lean, weighing 13lb6oz (10%) and measuring 28 inches (80%). And she is so strong, sitting up, holding her bottle, and getting pretty close to crawling…see what I mean, it happens so fast. Aniston is the final piece of our puzzle, the one we didn’t even know we were missing, but she completes us so beautifully.

Thank you God…

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  1. SOOOO cute! And yes, don’t blink. At all. My oldest “baby” is now 17. Good grief.

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