Labor Day & All It’s Glory

I love long weekends!

It’s amazing how much you can get done with just one extra day…you can celebrate a ‘pretend’ birthday over and over again…you can get Baby a new pair of earrings to match Big Sister…you can fly a Barbie kite…you can swim…and have frozen yogurt…and visit with family and friends…and dress in three tutus (or a lamb costume) at a time while dancing until your little heart is content…with enough time leftover for chores (you know, laundry, vacuuming, rearranging/organizing your toddlers bedroom for the millionth time).

If this fitness train is going to ever get off track (and it is going to get off track), your safe to bet that it will be on a long weekend. I tried. I really really tried! I made healthy choices often and unhealthy choices on occasion. Even on weekends I tend to stick pretty strictly to my breakfast and morning snack regimen, because when I derail I would prefer it be for lunchtime margarita on a patio somewhere or an after supper dessert…not a donut. But that’s just me. I did manage to get in a few quick workouts amidst all of the fun. On Friday evening I challenged myself to two rounds of TABATA sprints for a total of 20 minutes. Success! Once the fear of ‘death by exhaustion’ subsided, I felt so accomplished that I repeated the workout again on Monday, along with some core work.

I could have been better. I could have been worse. Which gets me to thinking…If I promise to do better, can I get another three day weekend???

3 Responses to “Labor Day & All It’s Glory”
  1. Mikalyn Carter says:

    Those babies are BEAUTIFUL!!! Oh my goodness! So so so pretty, just like their momma:-)

  2. Way to stay on track and still enjoy your long weekend!! Your girls are adorable!!

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