Monday’s Mission: “You Are Strong”

“You look so pretty.” “You are beauuutiful!” –Things my two year old hears daily…multiple times a day if I’m being completely honest.

“You are so strong!”- This, she heard for the first time very recently.

I find it important to remind my girls of their beauty, both internal and external, because soon enough they will be bombarded by billboards and magazine covers suggesting otherwise. But I somehow have overlooked the importance of making them aware of their strength. I want them be confident in themselves. To be strong mentally, physically, and emotionally. To never doubt themselves. To know that there is absolutely nothing that they cannot overcome without the help of God… and Mommy.

And for this reason, this Monday’s Mission is this: To remind my girls of their strength  just as often as I tell them they look pretty.

One Response to “Monday’s Mission: “You Are Strong””
  1. Jillian says:

    This was a great post. I make it a point to compliment young girls when I see them. Even the ones with very small or tight clothes. Thanks for this post.

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