This Is Why I Squat

So I saw a tank top today that read across the back ‘This Is Why I Squat’ with an arrow pointing south. I admire any woman brave enough to wear something that blatantly calls attention to their backside. Same can be said for the velour sweatpants with blinged-out behinds. Not for me…but more power to ya sister!

I may not ever be willing to walk around with an arrow pointing to my behind (although it did get me to chuckle), but a boot-ay worthy of such attention, that I could handle.

So…in my quest for that oh-so-fine behind, today I did this…

3 sets of 12

  • sumo squats at 70lbs
  • forward barbell lunges at 45lbs
  • leg presses at 110lbs
  • fee-range hamstring curls at 15lbs

I have recently cut back on my cardio for several reasons, 1) I found that I was no longer gaining muscle because I was burning it off during longer cardio sessions, and 2) I have just felt off lately. Headaches. Dizziness. Shortness of breath. Sore knees and ankles. Im taking as a sign that my body is craving a break so that is just what I am doing.

Listening to your body doesn’t mean quitting when things get hard or hurt just slightly. No Pain No Gain. But if something doesn’t feel right, take a break. Relax. Rest. Or try something else until you are back to 100%.

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