Got A GOOD Excuse?

It’s Friday!

And I tried really really hard to come up with a good excuse to skip the gym today. Guess what… There wasn’t one! I offered up an impromptu lunch date with my honey…he had a meeting. I don’t feel good…complete lie. I even tried convincing myself that I deserved a day off… and then the ‘wiser’ me, the ‘not-so-lazy’ me whispered in to the ear of the ‘slacker’ me a little reminder…”You ate a very substantial amount of carbs last night (not the good ones- the pizza ones & the pasta ones…) and what your body deserves is someone who treats it kindly, conditions it, nurtures it with proper nutrition, and keeps it strong.”

Wiser Me- 1        

Slacker Me- zilch

So I bit the bullet and I hit the gym. And I am better for it.

Take THAT Slacker Me!!

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