A Milestone


I vividly remember the excitement as I anticipated the arrival of Harper’s baby crib. I drove my husband nuts in the days leading up, and even more so the day it arrived. It was December 2009, and we sat on our living room floor, nuts and bolts scattered about…me eagerly trying to assemble it, he getting frustrated at my impatience. If I would just give him a minute. A minute?!? Having this crib sitting perfectly in Harper’s nursery would make it all real. It was proof that our baby girl would soon be here, and that this is where she would be sleeping.


So, you can imagine the mixed emotions I had this weekend as we dissembled that bed, the one that not so long ago we were laying our first born child in for the very first time. But whether we like it or not, our babies grow up. And it was time for my Angel Face to have her very own Big Girl Bed.


Harper could not contain her excitement, even telling the neighbors cat, “I going to have a big girl bed!” Yes, a cat. And yes, it made my heart flutter. Naturally I was anxious about how she would respond once the novelty wore off and it was actually time for that bed to serve its purpose, and once again my tiny human taught me a lesson in faith. Why do I ever doubt her? She is much braver than I tend to give her credit for. Maybe it’s just the Mommy in me, always the worry-wart, always over-protecting.


Harper went to bed that very first night, in her brand new bed, draped in her brand new sheets (the ones with the tiny pink flowers) with the biggest smile across her face. And she woke up the exact same way. My little girl was so proud of herself. And so was I.

A Big Girl Bed

A Big Girl

A Proud Momma


One Response to “A Milestone”
  1. phlyfitmama says:

    Awe, I love this! Reminds me of a post I wrote awhile ago about letting go…mine is only 2, but when he was jumping into my parent’s pool, into my arms, I was so afraid of all that was to come – these big steps they take! I sometimes wish they could stay small, but what a fun adventure it is to see these transitions. Way to go, Harper! I’m glad I stopped by to read 🙂

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