Nursing & Working Out: It Is Possible

Breastfeeding. Such a hot topic. Such a personal decision.

I personally choose to nurse my babies, for many reasons. And if someone were to ask, yes, I absolutely recommend it. But I completely understand that it is not for everyone. And while I believe women should be educated before making such a decision, it is still the individual woman’s decision to make.

I recently read an article on ‘How To Eat While Breastfeeding’ by Total Mommy Fitness. Tatum Rebelle, owner and creator of Total Mommy Fitness provides fantastic advice on staying fit while raising a family. If you haven’t already, definitely check her out!

Tatum’s post got me to thinking about my journey in breastfeeding while continuing with a fitness regimine. I originally had concerns that working out (burning all those extra calories) would effect my milk supply, that I wouldn’t be able to keep up, that I would starve my baby, or that it would drain the life right out of me. So. Not. True! It actually had quite the opposite effect. I have never come close to having an issue with my supply…and my babie’s EAT! And because I continued to be active, my energy level sky rocketed. Extremely important for any new mom.

Things to Be Aware of While Nursing & Working Out

  • You most likely will be hungrier throughout the day. Fuel your body with fresh fruits, vegetables, and most importantly protein.
  • Listen to your baby. If they get frustrated during feedings, they may not be getting enough. This does not mean that you need to eliminate your workouts, it just means you need to take in more calories.
  • Always shower after a workout, before nursing your baby. You will sweat. You will be salty. Baby would really appreciate it.
  • Be sure to wear a very supportive sports bra.
  • Vigorous activities such as running and jumping rope may be painful during the first couple of months of breastfeeding. If this is the case, try something less high-impact. Walk. Lift. Trust me, our bodies are a miracle. Things will work themselves out and soon you will know no difference.

I hope this is encouraging to other Momma’s struggling with the whole ‘to nurse, or not to nurse’ debate. There are many concerns when making the decision. I just hope that this provides some peace to those fearful of not being able to workout while nursing their babies.

2 Responses to “Nursing & Working Out: It Is Possible”
  1. Jillian says:

    I wish there were a LOVE button. This was a great post. I think I’ve shared with you in the past that I too am a working/nursing/active mommy. Recently I’ve noticed a reduction in my milk supply but also realized that I’ve been running more (close to 30miles per week).

    So I’ve had to increase my calories, which I must admit I thought would be difficult but staying armed with fruit has helped. Water and tea for nursing moms have been helpful for me too.

    It’s still not what it was but it’s a work in progress. And I KNOW it’s possible to be active AND continue to nurse. Thanks for such an encouraging post.


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