Monday’s Mission & An Update

T minus 3 days until I depart on a much anticipated cruise with girlfriends. Yes, I am excited! But I am also, anxious, nervous, sad, happy, thankful, and overwhelmed. This will be the longest amount of time I have ever left Harper and the very first time to leave my sweet little Aniston. They will be with their Daddy, and he is amazing. But I am their Mommy, and I will miss them and him tremendously.

My goal this Monday is to successfuly achieve vacation balance. To enjoy myself, to indulge without guilt…but to not go overboard (no pun intended). I have worked hard since giving birth to my second daughter almost 8 months ago and I don’t want it to all have been in vain. But I also want to relax, something I typically fail at (just ask my husband). Balance is the goal.

Best Body By October: An Update

A couple of months back I made it my mission to have my best body by October. Well, it’s October and the verdict is in. Drumroll...Success!

Of course it’s all relative. I have been thinner. I have weighed less. I have worn a smaller size. But never-ever has my body been as strong as it is now. I am not perfect, nor has that ever been my goal. But I am wearing shorts confidently for the first time in my life, and as a 31 year old Mom to two, I would say that is considered a success.

3 Responses to “Monday’s Mission & An Update”
  1. Enjoy yourself. I always find that it is good to get away. You get some time to relax and you appreciate your life more when you return!

  2. ptucker1 says:

    You GO GIRL!!!

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