A Tricky Treat

I have one very excited Audrey Hepburn.

This is the first year that Harper gets it. She overheard the news anchor this morning say “Trick-or-Treat” and she nearly lost her marbles. So as soon as we get home tonight, back in to the costumes they go. We have already taken the girls trick-or-treating at the Arboretum, but our neighbors will never forgive us if we don’t stop by for a quick photo shoot and the opportunity to shower Harper with sweets, most of which Daddy will enjoy once the babies are in bed.

No, we will not deprive Harper of enjoying some candy, but there will be limits. I will allow her to choose three pieces of her favorite candy, and then she will trade what is remaining for a very special tricky treat…one that will not rot her teeth or keep her up bouncing off the walls all night…aka, a small toy.

It is possible to enjoy this holiday, a holiday we use to be creative and silly, to spend time as a family outdoors, and to embrace Harper’s favorite past time, playing dress-up, without completely disregarding our healthy lifestyle.

Tips for Avoiding A Sugar Induced Coma

  • When purchasing candy to pass out, purchase the candy you are least likely to enjoy. There will be leftovers and this will eliminate the temptation.
  • When trick-or-treating with your kids, request only 1 piece of candy rather than a handful.
  • Take leftovers to work…the very next morning.
  • Have an internal discussion beforehand. “I will allow myself __ pieces of candy. Period!”
  • Choose wisely…this or that?
  1. Choose 100Grand over Snickers and save nearly 100calories and 6g of fat.
  2. Choose Nestles Crunch over 3 Muskateers and save 40calories and 15g of sugar.
  3. Choose Gushers over Skittles 170calories and 15g of sugar
  4. Choose fun size Laffy Taffy over Starburst and save 10calories and 2g of sugar per piece.
  5. Choose Smarties over a Tootsie Pop and save 30calories and 9g of carbohydrates.

My family wishes your family a Very Happy Halloween!

Please be safe, and never ever drink and drive.

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