Mommy Fail#…I’ve Lost Count

All she wanted was a kiss and a hug…

I was in a mad dash to get out the door, because believe it or not, getting to work on time is a priority. I was driving myself today. I am usually chauffeured by The Hubby because we work in the same building, but I had an appointment elsewhere, so today it was just me.

As I’m walking out the door…

Me to Harper: Bye Baby. Have a good day. I love you. (Kiss. Hug)

Harper: I love you. One more kiss. One more hug.

I abide.

Me: You stay up here with Daddy. Mommy’s got to go now.

Harper: One more kiss. One more hug.

Again, I abide…of course!

Me: Okay Harp. Mommy’s got to get to work. Can you stay here and help Daddy with Sister.

Harper (as she is once again following me to the garage-now crying): I want a Mommy kiss.

You guessed it. I abide. They are the sweetest kisses imaginable.

This goes on for no kidding, 10 minutes.

Okay, now I am late. This kid is totally playing me. At this point we have probably exchanged goodbye kisses and hugs 15 separate times. I am now frustrated, she is crying, The Hubby is getting annoyed. He says that she ownes me. He is probably right.

You would think after a love fest like that we would all leave for work happily ever after. Nope. Not even close. Tears. Tears. And more tears. And one very frazzled Momma that doesn’t know what to feel.

Guilt, perhaps? All she wanted was another hug and kiss, right?! Not exactly. This is a new game we play…at bedtime, when she doesn’t want to walk down the aisle at the grocery store, when she doesn’t want to get dressed…

My two year old is manipulating me. She does it with no one else. She does it because I could never resist her lovin’s, and she knows that. It works every stinkin’ time. But what in the world is a Momma to do. Refuse her kisses? I can’t even fathom. Hmmm…Any advice?

You’ve got to give it her. The kid is smart!

One Response to “Mommy Fail#…I’ve Lost Count”
  1. ptucker1 says:

    She played you like a piano! My kids played their mother the same way. I was fascinated by this behavior. I was especially fascinated by the fact that they did not behave that way with me. They new, daddy don’t play that. If this is the case in your family, I think dad needs to step in at some point and say, mommies gotta go. And you mom, have got take a big girl pill and walk out the door, regardless of how hard she tries to reel you in. It is emotionally difficult, but it gets easier with time =^ )

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