30 Days of Thanks

1 Thessalonians 5:18 -Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

Day 1- I am thankful for God’s mercy on me.

Day 2- I am thankful for my best friend in the entire world, my partner in crime, my prince charming, and the person who knows better than any how to push my buttons…my husband, Aaron.

Day 3- I am thankful for my job. Seriously!

Day 4- I am thankful for our church family.

Day 5- I am thankful for my dishwasher, duh!

Day 6- I am thankful that I was born in a country where as a woman, my vote counts just as much as any man’s, and for the birth of Allison Grace Newton.

Day 7- I am thankful for Aniston’s sweet smile, that is a continuous reminder of how truly blessed I am.

Day 8- I am thankful for my Mom, who gave me life and taught me compassion.

Day 9- I am thankful to still have both of my grandmothers.

Day 10- I am thankful for my dad, who raised me to be a hard worker, and to be respectful.

Day 11- I am thankful for my senses that allow me to feel my husband holding my hand, to hear Harper’s sweet “I love you Momma”, to see my girls loving each other, to smell all of Aniston’s new baby smells, and to taste chicken and dumplin’s.

Day 12- I am thankful for my girlfriends, who are always honest, who aren’t afraid to call me out and set me straight, who appreciate my cackle (my laugh), who love my babies like their own and who love me…flaws and all.

Day 13- I am thankful for Harper Reese, for making me a Mommy, for teaching me patience, and for showing me a love that I never imagined was possible.

Day 14- I am thankful for coffee, because sometimes it is just necessary.

Day 15- I am thankful that no one can hear or see some of the craziness that goes on during one of mine and the girls’ ‘dance parties’.

Day 16- I am thankful for Billy and Sherry Barnett, my in-laws, for loving me and accepting me in to their family.

Day 17-I am thankful today, on this National Prematurity Day, for the NICU staff at Baylor Hospital and The March of Dimes for saving my girl’s life nearly three years ago.

Day 18- I am thankful for my family, my brothers, my sisters, my aunts and uncles, cousins, grandparents…

Day 19- I am thankful for modern medicine.

Day 20- I am thankful for my puppies’ unconditional love.

Day 21- I am thankful that my girls go to a school that teaches them to pray before a meal and to sing glory to God.

Day 22- I am thankful for turkey and dressing.

Day 23- I am thankful for 75 degree weather in November.

Day 24- I am thankful for my brother-in-law, who turns 30 today.

Day 25- I am thankful for another breath, another day.

Day 26- I am thankful to be back in the gym, for the ability to move my legs, and for my gym partner and very dear friend, Ginger.

Day 27- I am thankful for a home filled with laughter.

Day 28- I am thankful for hot baths and a glass of wine.

Day 29- I am thankful for my ‘girls dinner’ with Kim, for a couple of hours to decompress, for the ability to eat an entire meal without little fingers reaching in to my plate, and for the genuine love that she and I have for each other.

Day 30- I am thankful for weekends with my family.

I could go on and on…I have everything to be thankful for…


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