It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

Are we sure I’m 31? Because this Christmas I feel like a kid again!

I am consumed with all things Christmas. The stockings. The decor. The menu. The magic. The meaning!  I have honestly never been this excited for a holiday. My husband relates and has concluded that the excitement stems from the fact that we have our “crew” together. This time last year I was very pregnant with our now 10 month old Happy Face. So next week we will joyfully celebrate our first Christmas as a family of FOUR. It feels so perfect. We are complete.

Harper’s innocence relating to Christmas has me completely enamored. I can’t help but chuckle at her ever growing wish list. Warning- It’s a doozie!

  • A purple bike
  • A pink table
  • A kitchen
  • A brother
  • An airplane
  • A car
  • A dolphin
  • Golf clubs
  • Cheese
  • The moon
  • A ring
  • Earrings
  • A second Momma (guess she doesn’t like sharing the one she has)

Santa is going to have to pull some serious strings…

The holiday season can make our commitments to our health a little less of a priority. Trust me…I get it…and I am guilty…very guilty. Who ever decided that the entire months of November and December would be dusted with glorious sugar?! I would like to shake my finger in that person’s face and say…”Thank you so kindly!”

Christmas preparations have also interfered with my time in the gym. It seems that every other day I am skipping the gym to pick up gifts, or crafts, or wrapping paper…you know, really important stuff. But as I was doing my cardio yesterday, (yes, I made it to the gym) I became well aware of the calm before the storm. The place was empty. For now. But January is just weeks away which means that the storm is a brewin’. And I welcome all the new enthusiasm with hope of it relighting the fire under my behind.

I would like to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas. May you be blessed in the coming year with health and happiness.

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