Heart Work Playlist

‘What muscles did I work today?’

-Only the most important. My Heart. And my booty!

Today I ran three miles during my lunch break, starting off slow with a slight incline and working my way up so that my last mile was at a faster pace and a 5 degree incline. My “lower unit” as my husband so lovingly refers to it, was on fiya!

Music is 100% necessity on cardio days. And just as I am almost always surprised by others’ ‘Power Songs’, you may be surprised to hear what songs push me through the most difficult of runs…

…And those of you that know me will not.

I prefer to listen TO those that I would want to workout WITH.  You know, the obvious…Fergie. Pink. Gwen Stefanie. And Flo Rida. Of course! Did I just reveal my age and maturity level all at the same time?! Oops! Yes, I’m a breathing contradiction.

And my power song? Fergalicious.

If your laughing, that’s okay. But I challenge you this: Run. Run until you think you might actually die. And then press play on Fergalicious. I promise, the intro to this song will breathe some sort of crazy energy into every muscle fiber in your body. And you won’t die. You will feel great. At least it works for me.

What is your Power Song? Please share.

5 Responses to “Heart Work Playlist”
  1. Ginger says:

    “…justa workin’ on my fitness..” 🙂 Mine are anything by Maroon 5. And Ke$ha. Weird combo – I know.

  2. Mikalyn says:

    Hahaha you are too funny!!! I totally agree with you on song choice. It makes all the difference in the world. My power song is “Meet Me Halfway” by the Black Eye Peas (Fergie is one of my favs to workout to as well). Try this song it will keep you going!

  3. Veloce 1 says:

    Don’t Stop the Party!!! – Pitbull

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