Parenting Style

Overprotective. Pushover. Guilt-driven. Fun-loving. Smothering. Disciplinarian.

I read an article recently describing the different types of parenting and asking the question, “What is your parenting style?”

Well…that depends. On the day, the circumstance, whether or not I’ve eaten in the last four hours. Hey, just being honest!

After giving it some thought, I came to this conclusion, I don’t have a single parenting style. And I bet most Moms would agree. But I do have a few  fundamental philosophies on parenting based on experience, and advice, and The Bible.

More important than anything I say to my girls, is the life that I lead. I have to make an effort to live the life that I would be proud of my girls for living.

  • This means doing what I say I am going to do. If I say, “I will be praying for you.” I will be praying for you.
  • This means honoring and loving my husband, out loud, so that my girls know what a healthy marriage looks and sounds like.
  • This means being honest.
  • This means taking care of my health. I can’t really send them out into the world saying, ‘Take care.’ or ‘Be safe.’ if I have not taught them how.
  • This means nurturing friendships.
  • This means keeping negative talk to a minimum. ‘Be kind to others.’ We say it all the time. Isn’t it the root of the ‘Golden Rule’? What example am I setting if my girls constantly hear me bad mouthing those around me?
  • This means teaching them to be responsible for their actions. If you spill, clean it up. If you hurt someone’s feelings, apologize. If you are going to drink, do it responsibly, in moderation and when you are of age.
  • This means standing up for myself, for others, and for what I believe in.
  • This means shamelessly living a Christ centered life.

When you do for your children what they are capable of doing for themselves, you are only doing them a disservice.

  • This means that my three year old dresses herself, puts her dirty laundry away, does not leave her shoes in the middle of the living room, and puts her dirty dishes in the sink. Not always without debate. But she does these things because she is  capable. And I find it very important for her development and her self esteem that she understand how capable she is.

Smother, smother, smother with love.

  • Every time I think it, I say it. “I love you.” You make me happy.” “You are beautiful.” “You make me proud.” Hug. Hug. Kiss. Kiss.

I am not your best friend…yet.

  • A mother’s job is not to be her child’s best friend. A best friend does not discipline…or love them near as much. Being a mom means doing what is right, what is best, what is safest for your child whether it be fun or not. It means saying saying no, hearing your baby cry, and going to your bedroom so that you can cry too. (Been there. Done that.)

There is no Super-Mom.

  • This is one of those statement that I know without a doubt to be true, but for some reason still struggle with daily. I will make mistakes. I do make mistakes. I do loose my temper, and my patience, and my mind…mostly after 8:01pm if Harper is fighting sleep, but lots of other times too.
  • Sometimes I smother with love when I should be saying no.
  • Sometimes I am an example of what a Christ centered life is not.
  • Sometimes I get frustrated with my husband and speak unkindly.

Parenting is tricky. If I just had to sum up my ‘style’ in a few words, I guess it would be this…Madly in Love, Slightly Obsessed, Fingers Crossed, Praying to God I Get This Right Parenting.

How would you describe your ‘style’? Any parenting philosophies you would like to share?

Wait, let me get my pen…I’ll take notes.

2 Responses to “Parenting Style”
  1. Veloce 1 says:

    You have an intuitive and precocious talent for parenting! You must have excellent role models.

  2. Thank you! And yes:)

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