Is That Bag Big Enough?!

I get this all the time. Mostly from men. And to answer the question, once and for all…

Well yes, thank you, it is.

I’m a Mom. I have to be prepared. And I have personally found it easier to carry one extra large bag, rather than a purse plus a diaper bag. I also realized after my first daughter was born, after I had carried with me everywhere a diaper bag weighing at least 20lbs filled with all of the baby ‘essentials‘, that most of the essentials aren’t actually essential. I now throw a few diapers and wipes in my bag, along with some baby Tylenol,a band-aid or two, and a binky and we’re set.

A woman’s bag  reveals so much. A sneak peak will give you a glimpse into her life, her priorities…

bag2 bag1

So what does my bag and  it’s contents  reveal about me?

  • The random Cheerios and Baby Einstein cell phone has Momma written all over it.
  • The NINE tubes of lip balm is evidence of my obsession. Namely with Clinique Chubby Sticks and Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment.
  • The fact that my Chi is in my bag, that is because I workout on my lunch break. This is also the reason for the two pairs of running socks tucked away in the corners. Gross! I know! One pair is clean…
  • The Tide Pen…again…Momma.
  • FOUR packs of gum. Hmmm? I rarely even chew gum. Interesting.
  • Two set of earbuds, again, for the gym.
  • The Crystal Light Tea Liquid and 100 calorie Emerald mixed nut pack hopefully suggest that I try to snack healthy.
  • The old receipts, old tissues, and sticker remnants, well I guess that reveals that I am often in a hurry, and not often enough do I clean out my bag.

What does your bag say about you?

One Response to “Is That Bag Big Enough?!”
  1. Veloce 1 says:

    What??? No ziploc full of Fruit Loops?!

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