10 Unexpected Benefits of Fitness

Bikinis. Shorts. Sundresses. – Just a few of the typical reasons women often give for working out.

It’s bikini season, I better get to the gym.“- said by me, at some point, I’m sure of it.

I’m not going to lie, there was a time in my life, about 10 years ago that I would have listed the same reasons, and not many others. But, now that I am older…and wiser (wink-wink), I have accepted these things as an added bonus to being physically fit. The cherry on top. I mean, seriously, how often do I have time to be in a bikini. And sundresses just aren’t as practical as they once were. They can get tricky when carrying two babies and a bag of groceries leaving not a spare hand to fight a gust of wind. Dangerous!

I now workout out for my health and for quality of life. I hear people say all to often regarding working out, ‘Why? When I could get hit by a bus tomorrow?’

Well let me tell you why…

  • So that when your three year old tells you 5 minutes before the start of Disney’s Night-Time Parade that she needs to go potty, “really bad”, you have the strength and endurance to scoop her up, sprint through a crowd of thousands, jumping barriers and dodging strollers, find a restroom and get back to your husband and baby, just. in. time.
  • So that when you husband thinks it’s funny to hold you down and tickle you, even though you have made it quite clear that you do not find this enjoyable, you are strong enough (sometimes) to break free. And then make him pay.
  • So that when that said husband waits until the last minute to inform you that you are having house guests, you are able to make beds, sweep, vacuum, cook, tend to babies, and answer the door without being winded.
  • So that when your daughter insists that you hold her while re-enacting the dance she just witnessed on DWTS, you can do so. Belly-laughs all around.
  • So that you can keep up with the happiest, most energetic 14month old who unless she is sleeping…is moving!
  • So that on the rare occasion you get a night out with girlfriends, that may or may not lead to dancing, you experience only slightly sore quads the next day.
  • So that when your husband is out of town, you can re-arrange all of the furniture to your liking, all by yourself.
  • So that when your running late for ballet class, you can snatch up your three year old, along with your bag, your ‘gallon’ of coffee, and her bag, and haul booty up the stairs to the second floor studio. Again, making it just. in. time.
  • So that your reflexes are quick, enabling you to dodge remote controls, sippy cups, and any other random toy your 14 month old might be throwing in your direction.
  • So that when the pink Barbie 4-wheeler’s batteries die while on a walk with your kids, you can carry it home in one hand while pushing your 14month old in a stroller in the other.

There are many, many benefits of a strong body. Benefits that will surprise you. Benefits beyond what your body actually looks like. Being strong makes all of our day to day tasks just a little easier. Easier. And as a Momma, I love easier.

Have you found a surprising benefit to fitness? Let me know!

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