Can You Teach A Heart To Be Tender

Underdog: a person in adversity.

The girl with the tattoos and piercings who is in threat of loosing her job based on her appearance… The girl fresh out of college, getting dirty looks from the executive in the BMW who she parks beside in the parking garage (how dare she park that thing next to him)…

I Am That Girl.

Not literally. But I relate to her. I have a soft-spot for her. There is a sense of camaraderie. I too have found myself in the midst of adversity. As I am sure we all have. So who am I to judge anyone? Who am I to decide if someone is worthy of a job that I myself am not qualified for? I am not perfect…far-far from it.

I am Team Underdog.

For as long as I can remember, I have felt that I had something to prove. The Underdog. I cannot pinpoint where this desire to ‘prove them wrong’ came from, or even who ‘them’  is. But I am thankful, because this has been my driving force my entire life.

Just because someone has made choices that I don’t agree with… Just because someone else’s idea of beauty is different than mine…or their skin is a different color…or they don’t have as much money as me…or they have more…It doesn’t make them wrong and me right. Or them right and me wrong. It does not make them unworthy. I would never wish for a world full of Me’s. Who would I learn from? Who would challenge me?

The greatest lesson I learned from my parents has been compassion. If I get anything right as a Momma, I hope this is it! We are commanded to be tenderhearted. And I pray with all my might that my heart is tender so that I am living as an example for my girls.

Harper asks me every time she is in trouble, “Momma, are you hap-py?” But she just recently said, “I am hap-py if you are hap-py.” Proof– our babies want to be like us. They look up to us, admire us. It is a huge responsibility, but Momma’s, while they may hear our words, our actions are deafening.

When you speak cattily about another woman’s hair, bag, shoes…remember, you have tiny little ears listening.

When you completely disregard a stranger asking for help…remember, you have tiny little eyes watching.

Be the compassionate woman that you pray your children will be…and they will be.

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