Mother’s Day & A Workout I Hate (Love)

Happy late Mother’s Day to all the Momma’s! I hope it was peaceful and restful, because I know how rare and appreciated days like that are. My Mother’s Day was going beautifully until it came to a crashing halt…literally. And the crash was my Happy Face slamming her happy face into the concrete walkway at our new downtown park. Blood. Frenzy. Screaming. More blood. My poor baby. She was scraped and bruised from her forehead to her knees, not to mention an upper lip that all of LA would be jealous of. But she is a tough cookie. A Rock Star. It didn’t slow her down long.

Seconds before "The Crash"

Seconds before “The Crash”

And then there was the stomach bug or food poisoning, who knows, who cares, that had Aaron and I violently ill for the next 24 hours. BLAH!

But, I was back at it today, hittin’ the gym with my bud. We did an arm workout inspired by Jill Coleman, who ranks at the tippy-top of my fitness want-to-be’s. And I must say, I Hated (Loved) This Workout

Feel The Burn Baby- Arm Workout

***I used 10lb dumbbells. Be sure to use the weight that YOU are comfortable (but not too comfortable) with.

Holding a db in each hand, do a weighted burpee. While in your push-up position before coming up, do 5 push-ups. Then jump right up and proceed with 5 bent over rows, then 5 curls, then 5 overhead presses. Here is the kicker…with no rest whatsoever, jump right back down into another burpee. This time do 4 push-ups, then 4 rows, then 4 curls, then 4 overhead presses.

Continue this series with no rest, working your way down to 1 rep of each.

Now rest. But not for long. Push yourself. Then repeat. Then repeat. So that you are doing 3 sets.

If you would like a video check it out at

Confession: I finished off with girl push-ups. I know, I know. But trust me, I was burnin’!

And to be fair to the lower unit, I then did 15 minutes on the stair climber. We all know that climbing stairs works your booty. But if you want killer quads, climb the stairs backwards. If you’ve never tried this, I dare you. Do 5 minutes walking forward, then 5 minutes walking backwards, and then 5 more minutes walking forward.

Now my legs and arms can both hate me tomorrow.

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