He Is Worth It

I recently made a statement without realizing it might be controversial. Referring to the age-old saying that being a Mom is the hardest job in the world, I suggested that maybe, just maybe, being a good wife was actually the toughest. Notice that I didn’t simply say ‘being a wife’, I said ‘being a good wife.’

By no means am I detracting from the enormous responsibilities that come with Momma-ing, or the abundance of patience that is required. I understand quite well the pressures of Mommahood. I am a Momma. Times two! I get it.

But, while I’ve never taken a greater risk than making the decision to become a Momma, and while I’ve never endured something quite as exhausting as raising two tiny girls, and while the thought of failing at something has never weighed on me quite so heavily…Being a Momma seems natural. Yes, I fail. Daily. Yes, I lose my temper. Yes, I send my girl to school with her pants on backwards and the other without diapers. But loving my girls unconditionally, and sacrificing for my girls, and dropping everything the instant they shed a single tear, well that all comes without hesitation, without even a thought. Naturally.

What I have found a little more daunting is balancing my job as Momma and of Wife. Marriage is not easy, but if anyone is worth it, it is my husband. He deserves my same effort that my girls do. And they deserve parents that don’t just co-exist, but parents that are happy.

I love my husband so much. I firmly believe that God’s intention was for me to be Aaron’s wife. But finding the time and energy to be the wife that he deserves and the Momma that my girls’ deserve, well, it’s a balancing act, and I am just trying my best to keep all of the balls in the air.

My husband is grateful for me, for my efforts in raising our babes. He tells me so, often. But twenty years from now when I ask him why he loves me, I hope for a response of more than, “Because you are a good Mom.” Don’t get me wrong, if I succeed at anything, I pray it be the raising of our girls. But I also hope that looking back, he will also feel that I have succeeded in being a good wife, of loving him completely, of nurturing his needs and providing him laughter and joy. I hope that for his sake, and for my sake, and for the sake of our girls, that our marriage is a marriage that honors God.

This weekend, in celebration of our 6th wedding anniversary,  we did something that never happens, we spent 24 hours babe free. We missed them terribly! But it was important for us to spend time focusing on each other. We held hands, we watched movies, we dined. The time spent was simple, but it was exactly what we needed.

Happiest Anniversary.

Happiest Anniversary.

Being the wife that my husband deserves takes time, it takes effort. And I am more than happy to give those things because he deserves the best of me, not just the left-overs.

Mission Mighty Wife?!?

One Response to “He Is Worth It”
  1. petucker1 says:

    Being a parent is very demanding on both mom and dad. I agree you both need to spend time together without the children. As men it is ingrained in us from an early age not to show our feelings. However, inside we are desperate to know that we actually are desired by our wives. We will never say it but, it is very important to us to know that you are still interested in us as men, not just as the father, banker, painter, plumber, mechanic, lawn guy. Don’t wait for an anniversary or birthday to let your husband know that you are still interested in him. Be spontaneous. Do some of the things you used to do when you were dating or newly married. You remember! Flirting with him. Winking at him. Kissing him at the stop light! Taking his hand. Giving him that “come here you big delicious man candy” look from across a crowded room. Sending him love notes or racy text messages. Waiting for him to get home wearing only one of his button down shirts. That time you did it on a road trip while driving. Haha that was sooo crazy!!! But unforgettable! Bring some of that back into his life every once in a while. Some of the things I just mentioned take little to no effort or planning. Slip a hotel key into his pocket in the morning before he leaves for work and whisper in his ear that you will meet him there for lunch which includes dessert. Or who knows, you just might skip lunch and go straight to dessert. HELLO!!! I promise you he will no longer need that cup of coffee to wake him up on the drive to work anymore =^ ) More importantly, there will be NO doubt in his mind that HE is still YOUR scrumptious little nibblet of happiness that tickles your fancy and satisfies your sweet tooth. A little of your attention to him will pay great dividends.

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