My Rock Star

Aniston Paige; Rock Star.

My littlest girl is nearly 16months old. Ahhhh! I know it’s cliche, but man time flies…when your going non-stop chasing after the most rambunctious mini-rock star known to man.


It has been so much fun watching Aniston grow, and realizing how completely different our two girls actually are. Complete opposites. I’ve heard, or read, or both, that you should never-ever under any circumstance compare your children. Supposedly if gives them a complex. Well, I am not comparing, I am simply stating the obvious. The obvious may change over the years. But today the obvious is that Harper is our ballerina and Aniston is our rock star (or bulldozer as her Daddy likes to say) and we are her biggest fans.

My baby girl is so much fun! Full of “personality“.. I am beginning to question, what exactly does “full of personality” mean? Is that the nice way of saying, ‘Your kid is a handful‘? Which we have also been told…several times. But she’s our handful. More than a handful…of love and giggles and spontaneity.

Aniston is fearless. Climbing. Jumping. Falling. Oops! Eating out? It’s work. The kind of work that leaves you sweaty, sore, and still hungry. I strap her in to her highchair, turn to inhale a bite, and Viola! Aniston is on top of the table, grinning ear to ear and clapping for herself. My Little Houdini.


Aniston throws. If she’s had enough milk? Fast pitch. If she’s finished with her toy? Curve ball. My girl’s got an arm. She has already been called ‘athlete’, making her Daddy extremely proud.

Aniston is notorious on her school’s campus. For her ‘personality’ I’m sure. And for her magical little laugh that comes from deep in her belly.  And for her dimply smile that lights up the room. And for the love that she has for her big sister, a love that never ceases to amaze.


Aniston has charisma, she has spunk, she makes her presence known. She loves Mommy kisses, but not nearly as much as Mommy. And boy does that little girl love her Daddy. As soon as I open her door in the mornings, she leans over the rails of her crib looking in the direction of our bedroom and yells, “Daa! Daa!” …And I’m mush.

Aniston loves to sit in her rocking chair and read. She loves her ‘brother’, our golden retriever, Pudge. She loves to be outdoors and in to things, most notably her brother’s food and water bowls. She loves to dance, and she especially loves the applause after she dances. She loves to eat. Bath time is her favorite time. And she sleeps like a dream, always has (7pm-7am, or 8am…).


Aniston is one surprise after another. I am quickly learning that as a Momma, you have never seen it all. Yesterday morning for instance, she had a brand new surprise for me. A surprise one can never be prepared for. As I walked in to her room to get her ready for school, I was smacked in the face by the most awful of smells. A smell more pungent than a dirty diaper. That’s because it was poo, out of the diaper. Yep! She had removed her diaper, (it was clean and sitting in her crib) and she pooped in her bed. And then stepped in it. Beyond disgusting! SURPRISE!!

Above all my Aniston is JOY. She makes us happier than we knew possible. She makes up laugh. She adds spice to our lives. Her energy? Well, it’s contagious!

Harper can’t get enough of her. Her Daddy says, “She is the coolest kid ever!” And I am a majorly obsessed Momma.


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