Confessions From A Hot Mess

As I woke this morning in a puddle of pee (not mine, ha!), next to my three year old, in my bed, it hit me…I am One Hot Mess.

  • I can’t for the life of me keep up with my housework. I try…I really-really try. I recently told my sister that if ever I start contemplating another baby, I look at the mile-high pile of laundry I have and remind myself, “I can’t even keep up now”. The door to my bedroom should read, ‘Enter at your own risk.’ Just sayin’.
  • I haven’t had a hair cut, not even a trim, in…get this…11 months. Seriously!
  • And I haven’t had a pedicure in at least a year.
  • I am rocking some great fall colored nail polish… on some of my nails.
  • Last night, my baby slept in her clothes. Daddy put her to bed…but still
  • And I slept in my makeup. Eeeww! I know, I know.

I was at an event last night for Moms of Multiples.  NO, I am NOT pregnant. My family is NOT destined for an eternity of dirty laundry. I was there with March of Dimes. Our Community Director, who I absolutely adore, was speaking on the pressures of Mommahood, and she made this statement,  ‘Before I was a Momma, I planned to be a perfect one.’ I literally laughed out loud. I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard something so honest, so relatable in my life. Okay, I’m being a little dramatic, but that’s some good stuff, right?!

Today’s motto: Not perfect. But perfectly happy.

One Response to “Confessions From A Hot Mess”
  1. petucker1 says:

    Ha! Enjoy it! It doesn’t last forever. Before you know it, you will be empty nesters. Then you can clean, paint and redecorate to your hearts delight =^ )

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