The Most Tender Heart I’ve Ever

In just 5 shorts weeks, Harper will be 4. I don’t even want to think about it. For some reason, the jump from 3-4 seems huge. I ask her nearly every day if she’ll stay my baby forever, and her answer is a consistent “No.” I don’t blame her. How selfish of me.

At three years old (what, she’s not four…yet!), Harper is the most tender hearted soul I have ever met. Her Daddy says she is the “sweetest kid”, and it’s true.

It literally hurts Harper to see her sister get in trouble, or the dog for that matter. Example: Aniston gets put in time out, maybe even a spanking, and while she goes unfazed, Harper is crying, “Why are you doing that to my best friend!”- and this happens on the regular.

And when it’s time to donate (toys, clothes, whatever…) I often find that I am the one saying, “Really, you want to give that away?” And she reminds me, much like she did a couple of weeks ago, “Yes, Momma. There is a little girl who doesn’t have a scarf.” She told me!

And my girl prays for everyone. She really does. And she has complete faith that Jesus will make it all better. She overheard me complain of a backache the other night. Early the next morning, she climbed into my bed, and without saying a word she slid her tiny hand up under the back of my shirt and rubbed my back.  For a good 10 minutes. (Daddy could take lessons) Then…then without being prompted, she said a prayer. “Dear Jesus, please make my Mommy’s back feel better. In Jesus’ name, Amen.  Ahhh- She is an angel.

I’ve been sick the past couple of days. Strep. No fun at all. Harper has said many times that she cannot wait for me to be better so that she can give me kisses. And the best, the one that brings tears to my eyes every time I think of it? As you know, with strep comes the high fevers and with the high fevers comes the chills and shivers. My tiny, three year old little girl witnessing me shivering asked me, “Momma, want me to lay on you so that you can be warm?” Seriously?! That itty-bitty frame is packed full of compassion.


This girl’s beautiful heart makes me want to be better.

2 Responses to “The Most Tender Heart I’ve Ever”
  1. Sheila Cernosek says:

    What a sweet child. You truly are blessed!

  2. Kayla Longino says:

    I seriously love all of your posts! They always make me giggle, tear up, and encourage me in multiple ways. Thank you! Your girls are very blessed to have you. Love you friend.

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