The Girl Who Made Me a Momma- 4 Years Later

It’s January 15th again. And once again, I am a filled with raw emotion. I can’t believe it’s been four years. I remember the day like it was yesterday. Every thought. Every fear. Every tear. How my heart nearly exploded when I first laid eyes on my daughter.

I wasn’t suppose to meet her for another month and a half. But God had different plans. Better plans!

I told Harper the other day that God answered my every prayer when he put her in my life. And he did.

Harper is still tall and skinny. 3ft 5.5inches tall and 33lbs (90% and 25%). She writes her name and anything else that you can spell out for her. She loves Curious George books and mani/pedis and John Wayne. She sneaks sugar any chance she gets. She dances like nobody’s business. Her best friend’s are Aniston and Emme (still). She is smart and caring and a bit dramatic. And she makes her Momma proud every single day of her life.

Happy Birthday to the girl who made me a Momma!

Birthday Beakfast

Birthday Beakfast

Birthday Breakfast

Birthday Breakfast

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